WTG Enterprises (WTG) is a modern IP/branding and licensing company. Focused on leveraging its exclusive IP, WTG develops, produces, markets and distributes high quality content across multiple platforms with a specific eye to creating and growing mass market popular brands.

We are not following the traditional distribution windowing practice of placing a high profile TV series on a large streaming platform but instead our strategy is to leverage a wide OTT AVOD (advertising video on demand) network in conjunction with a significant influencer program, most of whom will be featured in the series. Our strategy will allow us to reach 10 - 20x the number of viewers.

WTG's first IP purchase is the world-famous and beloved, classic underground comic the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" comic series. With vast attention on the worldwide growth of the Cannabis Industry, the timing is perfect for the re-invention of this 50-year old IP.